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Cre-Activity Holland is an export advice company that has been active in Export and for 25 years. Export guidance for companies and individuals to many (Spanish-Portuguese) countries in the World. Because we speak the language of the country and the people well, we can take care of it for making the very first contacts up to and including the completion of entire cycles and the possibly taking over the entire process or products (incl. risks) in order to completely unburden or relieve the sender.

The establishment in 2004 of its own branch in Portugal has provided the necessary
integration on the Iberian Peninsula and this has helped us to become that big and wide
network in all sections of the population on the spot. Because of this we are able to
to be able to respond effectively and adequately to local and national developments and people or
helping and advising companies.


Do you have the ambition to let other people become acquainted with your Products ? Or are you convinced that people outside your own national borders are definitely not? without your product? but lack the time, people or structure to tackle this?

Contact us !
Have you perhaps conceived the idea of ​​buying a second home or apartment in Portugal? Then it is wise to be aware of the local “do’s and don’ts” when purchasing real estate. We have experience in this process. Contact us ! You already export but it does not really get off the ground with (possible) trading partners and customers? Or are you looking for some extra local help, by local knowledgeable people with a fresh face look? We may be able to help you on the spot. A legal issue with a supplier or with a client? You come with a local lawyer further. We have a number of lawyers bound to us, each with their own expertise to have. Contact us to see if we can work it out together. Accounting questions about the location on site or more information about the actual location financial setup of a potential cooperation partner on the spot? We have our own Register Accountants who can view through local glasses and with local rules and standardsabout accountancy. Contact us.


Our mission is to bring cultures and companies / people closer together by distances reduce, trying to get people of various sizes shoulder-to-shoulder instead from face-to-face. And although Europe is trying so hard to make North and South Europe one to be, know and work for more than 25 years with 3 different cultures within 1company and every week there has to be planing to get all noses in the same direction


  • Holland:
  • +31-591390205
  • +31-652045456
  • Verl. Bladderswijk WZ 3 7891 AM Klazienaveen
  • Portugal:
  • +31-591390205
  • +31-652045456
  • Rua da Gravia s/n 4900-278 Carreco - Viana do Castelo
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